Bitburger 10+1:

This is how it works:

Activate the NFC function on your smartphone.

On Android phones you can find the NFC function in the menu under "Settings". On iPhone 7, 8 and X you will need the NFC-Reader App. Older iPhones do not have NFC functionality.

Order a Bitburger with an NFC chip.
Scan the NFC chip with your smartphone. A counter stores the number of Bitburgers you have collected.
Whenever you have collected 10 0.3l Bitburgers during the promotion (ends 15.11.2022), you will receive one Bitburger free.
After your 30th „Bitburger“ we will send you a 15€ coupon for the Bitburger online shop..
You do not have to register to collect "Bitburger".

Registration is only necessary if you would like to receive a 15€ coupon for the Bitburger online shop.


Your "Bitburger" are saved anonymously through the use of cookies, which are used solely for technical reasons and are not used for any form of advertising. Please note: Deleting the cookies means you lose all of the "Bitburger" you have collected. If you have your phone set so that it automatically deletes your cookies, please turn this function off, otherwise your saved "Bitburger" will be lost. As an alternative, we would recommend registering for this promotion. This ensures that your collected "Bitburger" are not lost even if the cookies are accidentally deleted.

Have fun!